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Using 360water - Helpful Info & Tips

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When arriving at, a user can login by clicking the “Login” link at the top right corner of the page. When clicking login, the user can opt to either log in with an existing account, recover the password of an existing account, or register a new account.

Password Recovery

If a user needs to recover their password, they must have an email address registered with their account, otherwise, they will need to call 360water. When clicking the “Retrieve it” link, the user will be asked to enter their email address and a new password will be sent to the user.


When registering a new account, the user is required to provide the following information:

·        Username

·        Password

·        First/Last Name

·        Email Address

·        Address

The user can also provide additional information such as organization, job title, phone number, and license numbers if they choose.

While registering, a user can also create a group, if desired. To create a group, click the “Group Account?” check box and fill in the “Group Name” field.

Once a new user is registered, he will have the option to purchase credits.

Purchasing Credits

After a user is logged in, he can click on the “PURCHASE CREDITS” link to buy credits. The user can purchase any number of credits.  Each credit is $30 and can be applied to one course. If the user received a discount code, he can insert and apply the code to receive a discount.

If the user is the owner of a group, he can decide whether the credits are for personal use or group use.

When paying, the user has the option to use a credit card or check. If using a check, the user will receive an invoice email which also contains instructions on where to send the check. If a user pays by check, a 360water admin will then manually apply the credits to the account when the check has been received.

My Account

Each user has a “My Account” page. This is where the user can modify his information, see how many credits he has available, and check his course and transaction history. From here, the user can also create a group.


When a user creates a group, he can add group members by clicking “Manage Group”. From here, he can click “Add New” in the Group Members section. The group leader can specify a name, email, and message to send to the future group member. If the future group member does not have an account, he can create an account and will automatically be added to the group.

Taking Courses

A user can click the “TAKE COURSES” link, or the “OPERATOR EDUCATION” link to see the list of available courses. The site determines which courses have been approved based on the user’s state.

When entering a course, the user has the option to Buy More Credits or Start Course. If the user is the head of a group, he or she may also Buy More Group Credits.

When taking a course, the user is in an audit mode. There is no charge to complete the course. If the user reaches the end of the course in less than one hour, the user will need to wait for the timer to reach 1 hour before being able to receive a certificate. When the timer reaches one hour the user can apply a credit, purchase credits, or exit the course.

When the user exits the course, he can see his course history by hovering over the “History” link next to the course. If the user has not applied a credit to the course, he can do so from the history popup. If a credit has been applied, the user can view his certificate.